Vollis Visionaries

Artist Statement 

My abstract series, “Vollis”, inspired by Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs, was born the day I walked into the Whirligig Restoration Warehouse in Wilson, where I saw close-up the pieces and parts of whirligigs in various stages of restoration. I saw paintings immediately, with the whirligigs connecting realism to abstraction. I have been hooked ever since. I have been back many times, and always see something new!

Thanks to my years of training in design at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, I have always always sought to build strong compositional elements into my paintings. Recent years of study in abstraction with John Salminen taught me a process that has grown to be my own… and is still developing.  By consistently painting with a community of artists at Barton College, and study intensives at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I am finding my voice. I am somewhere between subjective and abstract design. Every day is a voyage of discovery.

The “Vollis” series, in some ways, makes these huge contraptions more accessible. Hardly anyone has a place to install a 20’x20’ whirligig, but I am capturing the life and motion they have in a different way. Vollis Simpson’s kinetic sculptures have evolved into kinetic works on canvas. Collectors can savor the excitement of a whirligig in a new medium. Whether a huge moving sculpture or a work on canvas, it is all about exploring shapes, motion, noise, paint application, color and depth.

Motion has become very important to me. A serious car accident left me motionless in 2016. With the help of dedicated professionals and therapists, I am healing, regaining my own motion, and have a new appreciation for the simple things in life – like taking a step! This exhibition’s initial opening would have had more paintings in it, had I not recently lost eight weeks of studio time to my recovery from the accident. There are still exciting whirligig paintings to come!

– Marion Clark Weathers

Vollis No. 1 36x36 $2500

Vollis No. 1                                                                    36″ x 36″

Vollis No. 1.1 8x 8 $200

Study: Vollis No. 1                                                    8″ x 8″

Vollis No. 2 16x20 $650

Vollis No. 3 16x20 $650

Vollis No. 4 18x36 $1250

Vollis No. 5 30x40 $2500

Vollis No. 6 WC 22x30 $1500

Vollis No. 7 WC 22x30 $1500

Vollis No. 9.1 5x5 $100

Vollis No. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 $75 ea.

Vollis No. 11 24x24 $1200

Vollis No. 12.1 10x10 $250

Vollis No. 13 30x40 $2500

Vollis No. 13.1 8x10 $200

Vollis No. 14.2 8x10 $200

Vollis No. 14.3 8x10 Oil on birch panel $200